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today was supposed to be a regular checkup.  we had an ultrasound two weeks ago and the dr had concerns about the sequel’s weight so she ordered another one for three weeks (next week).  today we saw our regular dr and, after he and the nurse both came up 5cm short on the fundal measurements, he reviewed the ultrasound and felt that we needed to do another one today rather than waiting until next week.  while the dr we saw two weeks ago told us she was concerned about the baby’s weight (3lbs 13oz) being in the 22nd percentile, i honestly wasn’t all that concerned because he only seems to be measuring a half pound less than the turkey was and he was born at a perfectly respectable 7lbs 9oz.  what she failed to tell us was that the abdominal measurement was also way under, which is what caught our dr’s attention today.  hubby naturally asked what his primary concern was and what implications there were.  as the dr left the room after explaining that a determination of growth restriction would mean that we head to the hospital and take the baby now, i completely broke down into a tearful fit of hyperventilation.

the good news is that the “emergency” ultrasound showed that the sequel is gaining weight at the right rate… he’s up to 4lbs 14oz today which is the typical 1/2lb per week.  also, we finally got to see his precious little face.

for the record, that's five ultrasounds that he has now slept right through.

they never really said anything about him dropping but it seems like the 5cm fundal difference could be due to that since the US tech had to scan through my pelvic bone just to see his head… they didn’t have to go nearly that low two weeks ago.

the not so good news is that the abdominal measurement is still in the 2.7 percentile which continues to worry my dr… and by extension, me.  it seems like the accurate weight gain should indicate that we are not in the realm of IUGR but the tiny abdomen could cause problems with crucial organ development.  so, we have another ultrasound next week.  and a non-stress test.  and i will be praying fiercely between now and then that my baby boy is okay and everything goes well.  “i trust you, God.”

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