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we had a much better dr visit today, praise the Lord! the sequel measured 5lbs 15oz and his abdominal measurement showed in the 58th percentile this week.  obviously, i don’t believe he actually went from 2% to 58% in a week and i certainly don’t think he gained a whole pound in a week either so either someone was way off or one was a little low and one was a little high and he’s actually somewhere in the middle of them.  either way, between the less alarming measurements and the strong fetal monitoring in the NST, the dr was much happier and, therefore, we were ecstatic!  i wasn’t so happy to hear that we’ll be doing an ultrasound and NST every week from here on but whatever it takes to make sure he’s doing well. not to mention, we got a great look at the little cutie pie 🙂

look at that sweet little face!

we actually went to the appointment with our bags packed, just in case, because of last week’s scare.  i was so very glad that we got to come back home and let him continue baking. of course, the dr also said that i’m already 2cm, 80% and he’s low enough that he was pushing the dr away with his head so going to term is still questionable.  his parting comment was that i’ll need to get to the hospital quick if labor does start because this one will push his way out in a hurry.  somehow, i’m not holding my breath that it’ll be that easy. lol

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