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13 Feb 2016

we spent this past week in orlando making the big announcement to family and friends down there.  the turkey wore his “only child big brother” announcement shirt and my niece was the first to figure it out.

shouting it out to the world!

last night, we went to see hillsong united with my sister and bil (the kids were there too but they were too cool to sit with us 🙂 ). it was such an incredible show and even more amazing to see so many people gathered together to praise and worship the Lord. i was truly blown away. it was also our first experience with a real babysitter… we’ve only ever left the turkey with our friends before and that was the plan this time too but he got a nasty sinus cold a few days ago and i didn’t want to get my friend’s kids sick.  so at the last minute we were scrambling through all of my niece’s friends trying to find someone she trusted who wasn’t going to the concert (there’s the problem with all your friends being Christians!).  we ended up with two girls who my niece and sister both vouched for and we warned them that he wasn’t feeling well and was going to be cranky.  about 90 seconds before the concert started, i got a call from the girl’s mother… oh goodness!  “your sweet little pumpkin has not been very happy”.  *shaking head*  basically, he was giving them fits about eating dinner, which i did also warn them about.  i basically told her to just feed him some cheese and yogurt and let him go to bed.  so, that could have gone better but, really, with him being sick i didn’t expect much.  it was still a fabulous night out with my hubby and family.

i found my life when i laid it down... i touch the sky when my knees hit the ground

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