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dr visit went well again today.  we had the same ultrasound tech as last week but she had a student today and was, therefore, much more personable.  they both did measurements and spent a lot of time talking to us and showing us stuff. he is measuring about 6lbs 9oz so if he goes to term, he should be right around the same weight his brother was, which is very respectable.  the abdominal measurement was in the 32 percentile so that’s a relief as well.  the dr was happy with all the test results.  i checked out at 3cm, 90%, 0 station.  we told him that we were pushing for sunday so that he can be born on his daddy’s birthday.  the dr said his money is on tomorrow night but then he laughed and said “just watch, in three weeks, we’ll be inducing you.” it would be awesome for him to be born on hubby’s birthday but i’m not ready for this pregnancy to be over so i’m perfectly fine with him staying put until he’s fully baked.  mostly, i’m just glad he made it through the crazy of last weekend.  i had my doubts saturday morning when i went to bed having 7 minute contractions and woke up having 5 minute contractions.  happily, they backed off after an hour or so and we were able to enjoy all of our planned events with no drama.

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