39 weeks

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1 Sep 2016

at our appointment on tuesday, there were no changes and the dr seemed pretty surprised.  his first words coming into the exam room were that he was shocked he hadn’t seen us at the hospital over the weekend; that he was sure after the exam last week that i wouldn’t make it another week.  so much for his intuitions.

i actually thought today was the day.  contractions started at 04:00 strong enough to wake me out of a sound sleep.  they continued every 6-7 minutes for about an hour and a half and then backed off enough for me to fall back asleep for a little while.  they started up again while i was at the gym and got stronger and stronger during my workout.  i came back and put my legs up while i worked and they continued every 5-8 minutes for another four hours.  they never got more regular though and they never got more intense and, a little after noon, they fizzled out.  i’m in no hurry to see this pregnancy end but it was exciting to think that we were going to finally meet our little sequel.  soon.  very soon.

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