40 weeks

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happy due day to me, happy due day to me, happy due date dear me, happy due day to me!

the sequel is very comfortable and is in no rush to meet us.  the dr was laughing about how wrong he’s been when he came into the office this morning.  the sequel is measuring 7lbs 8oz, which puts him right there with his brother’s size.  growth restricted my pinky toe! i’m 4cm, 90%, 0 station.  the dr was very confident that he’s coming this weekend.  “i know the feel of ripe for birth and you’re there.”  um, no offence doc, but i’ve been listening to that for the last four weeks!  the practice has a policy of not allowing patients to go past 41 weeks for the safety of the baby.  if i’m still pregnant next week, they’ll break my water.  i’m really hoping he decides to join us naturally before then.  in the meantime, i’ve had some wicked contractions all afternoon but they’re not staying regular.  between the soreness from the exam and the contractions, it’s been a fun afternoon.

8 Sep 2016

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