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yesterday was our first battle with willful defiance.  while i was getting a cloth to clean the turkey after lunch, he decided to shove the last four chunks of chicken into his mouth and chew them all up.  when i got back to the table, i found him with his mouth completely stuffed full of chicken.  he continued to chew and chew and chew but refused to swallow.  he very skillfully drank half his milk without swallowing any of the chicken.  i stayed very calm, asking him repeatedly to swallow the chicken so he could take a nap.  i then told him that if he hadn’t swallowed his food by the time i got him all cleaned up and out of his chair, he would be getting a spank.  i told him a couple times so that he understood what was at stake.  when i got him down, i delivered on my promise.  i think that’s the second time i’ve ever had to spank him.  he cried, drank more milk, and still refused to swallow any of the food.  the dance continued and by the time the hubby got home fifteen minutes later, the turkey had had four fully warned spanks.  the hubby then took over and ended up delivering another two spanks over the next fifteen minutes before the turkey decided to end the battle of the wills by artfully puking all over his daddy.  holy cats!  please tell me that this was a singular aberration for my wonderfully good boy and not the beginning of some hellish stage of epic defiance.

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