lovely day

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it has been a simply gorgeous week here at the beach. all of the windows/doors have been open since sunday… in mid-april… in florida!!! it is absolutely fabulous! and the water is crystal clear. i’ve been enjoying all of this on my own as my hubby left me tuesday morning. he had a business gig for a couple of days and then went last night to visit his folks for a couple of days (yay! our wii is coming home!). so i expect he’ll be home saturday sometime. which i guess means that we won’t be going to orlando this weekend. and bossman still hasn’t given hubby a clear date for his next big trip which is supposed to be in the next couple of weeks but heaven knows when so we can’t very well schedule a visit to orlando. in other news, i’m very dismayed by the fact that not only can i not sleep at night (nothing new there) but i have lost my ability to nap. i can not tell you the last time i tried to take a nap and actually fell asleep. i’m exhausted, ya’ll. i guess that’s why the bathroom is not painted yet and i really, really want it painted.

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