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i’ve been a bit concerned about how fast the sequel is gaining weight.  granted, we had a weight stall-out with the turkey around two months because of his severe gerd but it still seems like this boy is gaining too fast.  just in the last couple of weeks he’s gone from the 55th percentile to the 75th.  at seven weeks old yesterday, he weighed 12 lbs 7.5 oz. that’s over five pounds since birth.  i think i remember the turkey’s dr saying that they look for babies to double birth weight by four months (the turkey was closer to six).  this little guy is on track to double in just over two months.  anyhow, between that and the tummy troubles, i’ve decided to try stretching is schedule a little.  instead of a three hour schedule, i’m going to start him on a 3.5 hour schedule and see how he does.  we had the turkey on a four hour schedule at sixish weeks because of the reflux so i don’t anticipate any problems with milk supply or anything.  i can always change it back if there are any problems but i think he’ll do fine with it.

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