Starting the day right

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Because we didn’t know when we would be coming home from AL, we asked to be left off the schedule for church this week (good thing since our “We should be able to easily make it home by 19:30” became rolling in at 22:00). Normally, we serve every week and wear a church shirt. It’s rare that we wear “real clothes” to church. Add to that the fact that I’m nursing so my wardrobe consists of nothing but easy access tops, and it’s a true treat indeed when I get to dress nice and feel good about my appearance. This morning, I wore my beautiful “new” dress that i only ever wore for my maternity photos. I felt good. But when the turkey came out of his room and saw me, he came running up to me shouting “mommy, you look so pretty!” My heart stopped, my eyes welled up, and I felt truly gorgeous! What a great start to the day. I love that boy like mad.

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