Sitter and baby’s breath

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The sequel sat up by himself today. I missed it in the 30 seconds I had walked out of the room but he was quick to oblige with an immediate encore for the camera. I am constantly amazed and saddened by just how fast he’s growing. I guess it’s a second child thing where he’s just in a huge rush to catch up with his brother. 

Tonight, he woke up after his dream feed which is pretty rare. I kept trying to lay his head back down on my shoulder but he kept getting right in my face. It took me a couple minutes to realize he was trying to line himself up to breathe in my breath. I know the turkey used to relax when something smelled like me but I don’t remember him doing that. It was incredibly sweet and I had a tough time putting him back down and leaving his room.

Every time i realize i won’t ever have these “baby” moments again, my heart hurts.

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