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the turkey didn’t want to put a diaper back on when he got up and got dressed this morning so we decided to let him do n3kk!d time. he wound up spending the entire morning diaperless and didn’t have any real accidents. the only issue we ran into was a reluctance to p00p in the potty, which i didn’t fully understand since he’s done that a few times in the past but he just wasn’t having it this morning. this meant that he needed to go but when he realized he had to sit on the potty for it, he’d sit there and read books and hold it. naturally, when he got a diaper on for nap time, he wasn’t laying down 15 minutes before he was calling us to come change him. all in all, though, i felt like it was a wildly successful half day of pre-potty training… especially since we’ve really never tried to push the topic at all.

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