freshly baked bread

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!!! hope it’s a good one for you! and now i’d like to take a minute or several to gripe. we just finished lunch. granted, it was just sammiches but i went to special efforts for them sammiches. i ask my wonderful hubby, “how was your sammich?” “it was fine,” he replies. fine? fine! that sammich was made with fresh, hot, just-out-of-the-machine, homemade sweet bread! fine. it was freeken fabulous is what it was! that was no month-old, hard and stale merita loaf bread from the fridge. no, it was a gourmet sammich right here in your own flippin living room! men!!! and he wonders why i hate cooking. /tangent. so, yeh, happy birthday to you, katie.

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