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it’s been four years since i felt your heart stop beating. four years since i kissed you goodbye for the last time. four years worth of tears and laughs and all the feels in between. you’ve missed so much. the turkey asks about you and loves looking at pictures of you. the sequel… oh my goodness, he’s a character! you would get such a kick out of him. i wish you had met him. i give him a kiss on the forehead from you every night but i don’t know if he’ll ever be able to connect. at least the turkey has pictures and videos of you holding him; he knows how much you loved him. for the sequel, you’re just an abstract. it breaks my heart all the time. as if i don’t think of you enough this time of year, you were with me constantly the last week and a half. we were just barely missed by a major hurricane. while we sat, safely evacuated, watching the coverage all i could think is how you would be having a heart attack over it. what i wouldn’t have given to hear your frantic phone calls. it’s been too long, daddy. i love and miss you.

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