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i know i’ve been pretty neglectful in my rants lately.  i’ve been working pretty hard on another project so until i get that to a presentation point, i’m likely to be fairly quiet here.  we did have a nice weekend.  we spent saturday working on our respective projects.  i took a break to go swimming, hot-tubbing, and sunning.  yesterday we headed to our favorite shopping plaza to check out the sidewalk chalk painting that was going on.  i checked my camera batteries before we left the house, carried the camera all the way down there, took two pix of the first artwork we came up on, and the camera died.  ticked was i.  we then walked to the very back of the plaza to buy some batteries at target and then headed back to the front where all the sidewalk art was.  i took two pix of a chalk painting and my camera died.  yes, i did have a hissy fit but what can you do?  hubby tried to take some pix with his iphone for me but his phone died after a few pix too.  just one of those days i guess.  anyhow, i’ll try to get the few pix we did manage to get gathered and posted in the next day or two.  this morning i woke up feeling lousy so i just don’t much feel like going to all the trouble.

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