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it’s been a seriously dreary fall/winter around here. so many foggy, rainy, or cloudy days make for restless boys and a depressed momma. however; whenever we have had the slightest window in the weather, we’ve been going down to the pool to drain some energy and collect some smiles. they’ve both been doing really great but today was exceptional. the turkey has been a mostly self-sufficient swimmer for a while now. he started surfacing for breaths a few months ago and he just took off after that. the sequel has been frighteningly brave for a while now… he’ll just jump out into the water with no announcement and expect one of us to know he’s coming and get him. he has not figured out surfacing for breath yet but he doesn’t panic. he just looks up at us from under the water with complete trust that we’ll get him. i’ve been so concerned about his survival abilities.

while he’s been all about swimming to us, he’s been completely unwilling to swim away from us. instead, he’ll swim from the steps to us and then ask us to take him back to the steps.┬átoday, he did something completely new. he started jumping off the wall and swimming to me (about 5-6 feet) and then swimming back to the wall to climb out and do it again. i don’t know what got into him but i was so proud and he was having a blast. and now i feel a lot better about his chances of surviving if he were to somehow fall into a pool without us noticing right away.

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