we will, we will rock you

   Posted by: arcanai   in family time, playing around

how dare my sissy and bro-n-law keep me up until 0100 playing rock band! didn’t they know i had to work today? sheesh. so we had a good visiting weekend. spent a nice afternoon with my dad saturday, relaxed saturday night, spent time with my brother and sis-n-law yesterday, and had dinner with my jenny last night. i also managed to make plans for the week last night like jenny and i are going to look for bridesmaid dresses wednesday night and i managed to invite myself to a free movie with my cousin for tonight. it’s been forever since i had a girls-only night with my cousin. i feel a little guilty having two girls-nights this week when my hubby is going to be gone all next week but it’s also nice to have friends around. i think him and bro-n-law are talking about a golfing man-date wednesday anyhow. oh, and you’ll be shocked to know that my body has been vehemently disapproving of my run on saturday. my poor quads.

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