maze o’ cubicles

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another long day. i actually had to go into the local office today. reminds me why i’m very lucky to not work in a corporate office. the bright side was that it was in the neighborhood of my sis-n-law’s restaurant so i was able to drop in and surprise her first thing this morning. i think she was pleased to see us because she fed us really yummy eats. hopefully we’ll get to see her and my brother later this week or weekend. work was work but at least i wasn’t tethered for the day so there was that. after work, we went out to dinner with a couple coworkers. it was quite an agreeable time and the restaurant was fabulous. we went to seasons 52 which looked far too hoity-toity for my pallate but the food was exceptionally good. i even discovered that i don’t hate asparagus (at least not when it’s cooked right by someone other than myself) so that’s a plus.

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