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my cousin will find this especially interesting in light of her facebook gift to me today… we just had our first manatee sighting! at first, she was just a very large dark figure in the water, not all sleek and angular like the shark i saw. i guessed it might be a manatee because i didn’t know of anything else with such a… ahem… rotund body shape but it seems like a strange time of year/day to see a manatee swimming along the beach. hubby broke out the binoculars and i watched her until she came up for a breath – confirmed manatee sighting! i saw her cute little ugly face take a deep breath and then her body arched over the water until her rounded tail waved goodbye. how exciting. that’s one i never even expected to see. unfortunately, even though hubby did bring my camera to me, there was just no way to get a good pic of her. it’s really tough to focus through the moving water that far out. maybe she’ll come around again and be more photogenic next time.

“Barbara Manatee! You are the one for me! Sent from up above, you are the one I love.”

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