lunch activity – aka: old people* have NO manners

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funny how my first day back off the phones coincides with my first day of renewed lunch activity.  can i get a WOOHOOO!?  unfortunately, it has been so long that i was intimidated at the thought of going to the gym so i headed to the pool instead.  i swam for thirty minutes straight.  i did either twenty or twenty-four laps.  i was rotating one lap each way of freestyle-ish and one lap each way of backstroke-ish (i don’t actually know how to swim properly so it’s my own version of swimming – i won’t be racing phelps anytime soon but i shouldn’t drown either).  i know that i did at least five rotations of each but i sort of lost count and i think i actually did six.  either way, thirty minutes of cardio activity made for a hot and tired me. 

now for the rant… 

it’s winter so there are lots of snowbirds here.  i’m generally fine with that (other than the fear of an open spark on the elevator when there are a dozen oxygen tanks in a confined area).  the old folks like to gather in the pool with their noodles and stand around in circles talking.  hey, no problem.  however, to me, common courtesy would dictate that when you see someone start swimming laps, you move to one side of the pool in order to get out of their way.  no, not these old people.  instead of moving to avoid being in my way, they actually spread out to be MORE in my way!  unfreakingbelievable.  i started off hugging one side of the pool trying to avoid them and ended up having to zig zag down the middle of the pool carefully navigating between them all.  and let me tell you how difficult that is when i’m swimming on my back.  frikking rude snowbirds.  i should have plowed over a few of them!  apparently they didn’t raise kids to have manners a century ago. 

*i would apologize for offending any elderly readers that i may have but i really don’t feel like having lived longer excuses people from being courteous.  you know as well as i do that they’d be griping up a storm if some whipperschnapper were getting in their way.  come to think of it, i’ll bet they were complaining about me because i was rippling the water.  bunch of jerks.

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