am mii fit yet?

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i’ve been looking for a wii fit for a few months because my cousin said it was so much fun.  i had just about become convinced that it was a mythical creature since i couldn’t find it anywhere.  and, frankly, i was getting more and more ticked and was almost to the point that i was going to boycott it on principal.  almost; not quite. 

this weekend, i was finishing some grocery shopping at walmart and i decided to stop by the electronics equipment, just for kicks.  as i rounded the end-cap, i was shocked to encounter TWO of the creatures.  i kept my wits about me and snuck up on them.  i didn’t want them to get skeered off, never to be seen again.  at just the right moment, i pounced and was able to wrangle one of them into submission and bring it home with me.  i’ve left it locked up for the last two days so that it could get acclimated to its new surroundings but tonight, i let it loose. 

i spent forty-five minutes playing with it but it is going to need a lot more human contact before it gets friendly.  actually, i think it got a little crankier tonight since it decided that i was fatter at the end of my forty-five minutes than i was at the beginning.  it’ll take some time but i intend to get it tamed in no time!

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other than it’s tendency to be rude and pronounce you not svelte, did you heart it?

January 27th, 2009 at 8:58

i did enjoy it. last night i just kind of went through everything one by one. i opened several new exercises and even some increased reps on some of them. i need to figure out how to make a true routine of it. i wish there were a way to have it automatically go through a pre-set routine without so much breaking in between exercises (to back out of one and select the next). however, i do think it’s going to be fun and a good aid to keep me active .

January 27th, 2009 at 14:27

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