saturday’s activity

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*NOTE* – i actually wrote this post saturday night on the iphone on our way to being young but the browser died and lost my post so i gave up and resumed being social.  happily, i just discovered that it was autosaved in my drafts so i can post without having to retype.

after the long drive home last night and not making it to bed until well after midnight, we were up at 07:00 to meet up with the runners. we walked to the plaza and i walked around while hubby ran with the group.  i did try running for a very short distance. there wasn’t any pain but my legs definitely didn’t feel 100% right either so i quickly went back to walking. i certainly don’t want to run the risk of reinjury after having already lost so much time on it.  so with the walk to and from the plaza, plus my walking around in the plaza, i easily got three+ slow miles in today.

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