recapturing our youth

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saturday night our running group had plans to go to a concert some sixty miles away.  they are friends with the band and were very excited about introducing new people to their music.  so, we drove six and a half hours friday night so that we would be home to go with them this weekend. 

we met up at scooter’s house where we finally got to meet his wife.  we hung out for a bit and had a small snack when mello showed up and piled into the car around 20:00.  the other group had already hit the road before we got there because they wanted to stop for dinner so we would just meet them there. 

we arrived at the bar shortly after 21:00 and were introduced to the band members.  it was about another hour of hanging out before the first band hit the stage.  i couldn’t tell you their name but they really weren’t very good.  the music was alright but the vocals – he sounded like a leprechaun.  i’m pretty sure they only did three or four songs before shamefully stepping down.  the next band was better and stayed on stage a good bit longer. 

the b@st@rd suns were definitely the big attraction.  the crowd around the stage easily tripled when they started.  they reminded me of an irish-influenced slightly stoopid.  they were much more fun than the two starter bands and a large mosh pit formed in front of the stage.  hubby and i stayed back enough that we just had to push people back in every so often.  i was happy to jump around a lot and bang my head around.  i also had some fun conversations with mello, cargo, and passion throughout the night.  mello was talking to me about his days in iraq and somalia and it’s possible that i freaked him out when i put my arms around him and hugged him tightly while thanking him for his part in protecting our freedom.  what can i say, i get emotional about those who fight for us.

we stuck around for a few minutes after the band played to show our appreciation and were back in the car around 02:30.  by the time we drove back to town, dropped the others off, got home, and got showered (why do people have to smoke?!), it was after 04:00 when our heads finally hit the pillows.  therefore, i have no idea whatsoever why i was awake again at 07:00.  my eyes and sinuses were killing me from all of the air pollution.  it’s really a shame but that’s the whole reason we stopped going out to places like that; i feel miserable for several days trying to detoxify my lungs, sinuses, and eyes.  not to say it wasn’t worth it because we had a great time but we certainly don’t do it often.  that’s why my favorite hang-out around here is an open air bar.  people smoke but it rarely bothers me with the nice gulf-breeze breaking it up.

sunday was definitely a shot day.  we laid around and that was about it.  there had been talk of hubby and scooter doing a bit of kayaking but that got called off around noon and was quickly replaced by more laying around.  about the only productive thing i did was a load of laundry, out of necessity, and i swear i can still smell the smoke.  and i put the new sheets on our bed so that i could take a nice comfy nap.  heavenly, they are.

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