monday’s activity

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24 laps in the pool.  approximately thirty minutes.  i was far more tired than the last few times i swam but i guess that’s to be expected after two weeks of sloth.  the beautiful thing was that i had the pool to myself.  that’s never happened, especially in the afternoon.  and it didn’t make sense either because the pool was definitely warm enough for the snowbirds.  actually, it was a bit too warm for swimming laps as i was sweating in the water halfway through my swim.  either way, it was a nice lunch break. 


i totally intended to do some fiit tonight but a migraine got in the way.  just as well, i suppose.  i don’t know if i’m ready yet to hear it yell at me about my prolonged absence.  i’m sure it will punish me by declaring my weight to be twenty pounds higher.

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