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last night we finally tackled the laundry room.  hubby had emptied it earlier this week in preparation for its overhaul.  after work yesterday, i went to start taping the baseboards and door so that i could begin the painting fun.  i spent close to an hour searching for the painters tape that i know i had out on the kitchen counter just two weeks ago.  i looked high, i looked low, i looked to, i looked fro… the tape was nowhere to be found.  when hubby came back from kayaking, i asked him where he had moved it to since he is undoubtedly the one who removed it from the counter.  he looked high, he looked low… you get the idea.  i finally resigned myself to the fact that i was going to have to run to the store to get a new roll of tape.  i made a quick trip to target and, returning victorious, got the room taped up and the trim cut in. 

time for the rolling.  i made my first “m” and got it rolled in good but decided that my roller had seen better days and needed to be replaced to continue.  unfortunately, some idiot left the roller on the frame last time that she painted and broke the roller frame trying to get it off.  $%*$%!  a very frustrated me made another trip to the store, this time walmart since targets paint supply section was extremely limited.  i was lucky enough to get behind every snowbird in town all the way there (hello!  the speed limit is 45… 25 in a 45 is completely unacceptable no matter how old you are!).  i ran in to the store, grabbed a new roller frame and a three-pack of rollers, and hurried back home before the paint in the tray skinned up.  generally, rolling is my favorite part of painting but my second trip to a store put me in a mood and i was just ready to be done.  add to that the fact that i had also chosen to buy the cheap roller frame and the handle of it was very painful on my hand.  ugh!  about three hours after i had started taping baseboards, the room was finally painted. 

today hubby put the washer/dryer back in place and we put in the new shelving units and loaded everything back in there.  it looks so much better.  there’s still a bunch of crap but at least it looks more organized.  and since all of the boxes are now on shelves instead of stacked on each other, everything is much more accessible.  not to mention there is a lot of room left to store more stuff in there.  the color is a very muted yellow, kind of a buttercream hue.

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I like it!! Looks well organized!

March 3rd, 2009 at 20:00

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