three years

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ron has been on my mind this week.  hubby and i have been talking about him a lot.  today is three years since his passing.  i still can’t believe how much a coworker’s death could affect my life… like we had been bff’s or something.  he is the reason that we are living at the beach and having so much fun.  every time i see a center console boat, i renew my pledge to not put things off.  shame on him for taking life for granted; for thinking that he could hold out for a better time on the things he really wanted.  who are we to say when time is right?  so, i’m feeling a bit melancholy today.  but i’m also going to go to the bridge run tonight and instead of feeling badly about how slow i am, i’m going to be thankful for having another day to be out there pushing myself and having such great companionship doing it.

*UPDATE* i just spoke with coworker and good friend, bl, who said that his doctors have declared him to be in remission.  to celebrate, he is tackling his “bucket list.”  earlier this month he swam with dolphins in the bahamas and in a couple months his kids are taking him skydiving.  go him living life to the fullest!

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wonderful news about BL! Oh, just wonderful!

March 26th, 2009 at 14:04

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