high potential to be taken down…

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i got a call last night that was very disturbing to me.  it was about her.  it was second-hand.  me being me, i immediately went to worst case.  i assumed that she was in the hospital and things were bad.  why else would the call be presented like it was?  i quickly started preparing myself for a trip up there…  how would i handle the reunion?  would she even care?  thankfully, she is fine.  no injury, no sickness, no hospital.  it was about her finances. 

it’s been almost three years since she talked to me.  it’s been about two and a half years since she actually told me that she didn’t want to speak to or see me again.  and this person who knows nothing about me or my life thinks money should mend things?  talk about some effed up priorities…  and frankly, i’ll bet she’d be highly ticked off to know that i was told.

her situation sucks.  i’m sorry that she’s going through it because i love her.  but life is the choices we make.  ironically, the reason she kicked me out of her life is because i was attempting to give her helpful advice about this very matter.  please keep her in your prayers that this situation resolves itself favorably.

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