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since we will have family in town tomorrow afternoon, we won’t be able to do the bridge run.  to get our weekly social exercise in, we decided to try out the wednesday night yoga that they do at the store.  it was a small group – us and three others – so it wasn’t too uncomfortable as far as feeling like the clueless one.  they basically just pop in a tape from one of those cable tv yoga guys.  granted, it’s been like two months since i’ve done any fiiting, but i was feeling pretty comfortable with yoga based on it.  tonight, there were some poses that just kicked my rear.  i mean some seriously crazy stuff that some sadist concocted just to make me go “ugh!”.  it was a lot of the upper body poses which kill my wrists.  and i had no balance.  and i poured sweat the whole time (why do i never remember until i walk in the store that they keep it ridiculously hot in there?).  it was really a “who’s idea was this?!” kind of thing.  will we go back?  i’m sure we will.  because i really do like yoga even though i thoroughly suck at it and it totally kicks my rear.  i just need to remember to bring a small towel to wring the sweat off me.

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