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in case you missed my string of plurks last night/this morning, we were hit with a youthful impulse last night:  we left the house at about a quarter of midnight and headed out to see a band.  on a school work night!  i felt like the old rebellious kid sneaking out at night (not that i ever did that and if you’re a minor reading this rant, you should absolutely not sneak out of your parents home!).  truly, it did wonders for ameliorating my mood after my lousy run. 

you’ll recall that running buddy, scooter, and his wife, sunny, are friends with an atlanta band called the b@$t@rd suns and give them a place to crash when they’re playing in town.  this time, instead of driving an hour to see them, they were playing right down the street – we couldn’t not go. 

the venue was much better.  it was roomier and far less smoky.  i still reeked when we left but nothing like that last place where i had to wash our clothes, febreeze them, and wash them again to get the smoke out.  it may just be increased familiarity with the music but i really enjoyed the band more this time too.  they have a great sound to them that is just plain fun.  they finished their set a little after 01:00 and scooter talked us into going back to his house to hang out and grill burgers with them and the band (and his parents who flew in from CA last night to visit – talk about a full house).

we had a great time hanging out with everyone and chowing down on the unhealthy snack foods that sunny went way overboard with.  when the drummer broke out his toothbrush around 03:30 and started making up the futon, we figured it was time to depart.  we were home, showered, and in bed shortly after 04:00 which left almost two and a half hours to sleep before the alarm sounded. 

i had considered not going to sleep at all, thinking that the two hours would just make getting up that much harder but i actually woke up feeling fairly refreshed.  all day i’ve been waiting for the inevitable crash but i’ve felt better than i have all week.  i guess if i’m going to suffer from insomnia anyhow, i might as well be out doing something fun while not sleeping.  i managed to grab a fifteen minute nap on my lunch break and i got about an hour after work but, really, i’m not hurting.  crazy, that.  i think we’re going out again tonight so the true test will be how long i can make it before crashing then.

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See, you just need to get out and party more!! Partying makes everything better. Yay!!

March 20th, 2009 at 7:00

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