back on the bridge

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after about a month, i finally got back to the bridge run last night.  it was super-slow but i did jog the entire gig.  of course, i only did once over so three miles.  i considered going halfway back up again but decided that i should take it easy since it’s been so long.  i felt much better about it than the last time i bridged so that’s a good thing.  yes, it was still frustrating to see people passing me on their way back to the parking lot before i was even off the bridge.  for those playing along at home that means that they were more than two miles ahead of me even though we all started together.  but i tried not to beat myself up about it and concentrated on my music and my heart-rate.  i kept my pace slow enough the whole time that i did not feel like i was going to die at any point, which i think improved my outlook.  mello pep-talked me some more back in the parking lot so that helped too.  i also *knock on wood* don’t have any pain in my legs after my month-long sabbatical.  maybe if i play by the rules this time i’ll see some improvement one of these days.

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I am so proud of you.

April 10th, 2009 at 15:45

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