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i haven’t given any updates on our coworker’s son lately.  cam spent several weeks in the icu before being moved to the rehabilitation ward of the facility.  he spent quite a bit of time there as well.  last month, he moved to an apartment next to the facility which is sort of a halfway house deal and gives him a little more freedom and a little less medical supervision.  one of his parents has to be there twenty-four hours a day because he still has no control of anything below the chest.  he has learned to use his arms more, and is even in a manual wheelchair a few hours a day.  he has physical therapy six or seven hours a day.  they say that he is mostly back to his old self and stays in good spirits most of the time.  at the end of next month, he is supposed to be able to go home.  this means that both of his parents need to renovate their homes in order to make them wheelchair accessible.  they started with his dad’s house and that’s where we’re headed this weekend.  he said that they are doing a lot of sheetrock work right now so hubby will definitely be helpful there.  i’m not much good for sheetrock other than mudding the screw-holes but i’ll help out any way i can, even if it’s just making runs for supplies and food. 

the ironic thing about all of this is that, about three years ago, one of cam’s best friends died.  the family was helped by the show extreme makeover:  home edition and cam was there helping out.  now, cam is a paraplegic and both of this parents have to practically rebuild their homes for him.  and they are blessed to have friends and family helping any way they can.

so, we’re heading to ga tomorrow night and then we’ll head to orlando from there.  we’ve got my cousin’sanniversary/halloween party to look forward to and we’ve been invited to another halloween party the night after as well.  then i get to have lots of fun with my friend preparing for her wedding (16 days!!!). 

on the road again and lettin’ the good times roll!

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